Laboratary Analyses

TRT makes use of accredited laboratories to analyse for pesticide residues and Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PAs). Analyses are first done before a listing by a Seller is activated on the system. This first analysis is done on products still located at the Seller’s facilities. The laboratory reports are generated and accompany the listing, and are available for prospective Buyers’ perusal.


Once a Buyer places a bid, the Seller accepts the bid, and all necessary conditions are met, the Seller will deliver the product to the TRT warehouse. Once the product is received at the TRT warehouse it will the re-tested by both TRT and the Buyer (i.e. a sample sill be sent to the Buyer) to ensure the delivered product is as was advertised. Should there be an unacceptable discrepancy between the first and the second analysis results, the Buyer will be refunded while the Seller will be responsible for costs and recollection of the product.